, the temporary

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, the temporary

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At dusk that day, my father asked me to accompany him to the pearl farm. I have always been ugly and inferior to my face, frustrated by the failure of learning, and have lost the direction of life. Along the way, I kept asking myself: "Life is so humble, so failed, how can I live? Suddenly, a bunch of rivers that have been salvaged from the farms have entered my sight. I walked over and bent down Cheap Cigarettes. Pick up the most huge river otter and look at it in detail: the clam shell is gray-brown, and there are uneven spots on the top. I look at the ugly river otter in front of me, and there is a heartache of the same illness. :My life is not as mediocre and ugly as the river otter? I caressed the rough and ugly shell of Hehuang and wants to throw it away. When my father saw it, he said with surprise: "You don't throw it Online Cigarettes, this is a Pearl ��! "My father opened the clam shell, the clam shell was smooth and abnormal, and it separated its flesh. It was really a few pearls that appeared in front of the eyes. Although it was not particularly large, it was also a beaded jade and a bright color Parliament Cigarettes. I held the pearl in my palm, I clearly The crystal clear and pure heart that saw the river otter said profoundly: "These rivers are ugly to the extreme compared with those of the colorful shells. But they are ugly, they have no inferiority, they have not given up, and they have chosen the hard life of nurturing pearls. It is not difficult to imagine how long they have experienced after a grain of sand has entered their bodies, how many dark nights have passed, how many cones have endured, and they have been born with the most time and energy. Pearl! At the moment, the life that once seemed mediocre and ugly is so beautiful. They have passed the nirvana of life and have the most beautiful glory of life! Listening to my father's words, looking at the rivers and pearls, my heart is shocked: the river is still the same, let alone people? Should I also live like a river otter? The ugliness of appearance, the temporary failure, It is not the end of life, but the beginning of life. In the face of the predicament of life, I should go through the wait like the river, go through the night, endure the pain, and use my own efforts and struggle to breed my own pearls. My father saw me meditating, but also silently, just staring at me, like staring at a pearl for a long time, the father said: "Children, you have to live like a river!" Look down on the appearance, endure loneliness, life will give you the most embarrassing pearls. Yes, live like a river, don��t feel inferior, don��t hesitate, don��t give up, after going through some struggle, I will also give the world On the day of the amazing glory, I smashed the river in the farm. I saw the ugliness of the river, and I saw the shackles of the pearl. I am no longer ugly in the accident, no longer care about the failure, I I started living like a river. I feel, there is a grain of sand, put it in my heart, and polish my life.
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